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We are an innovative, service-driven, specialist insurance provider with offices in London and Barcelona, and are looking to build the next generation of insurance underwriting. 


Why Choose Our Company?


We are a customer and service focussed specialist business going the extra mile to deliver creative and innovative solutions to mitigate our customers’ key business risks.


We are an underwriting MGA seeking to deliver sustainable and differentiated underwriting business to our capital providers.


Our greatest assets are our people, and we only hire the best. We believe a diverse team will help us succeed.


We are currently active in Media, Tech, Cyber and W&I insurance. 

Our investors include some of the leading names in the sector, and we have significant investor capital on hand to build and support new underwriting teams and to acquire businesses that share our vision. Our investors understand that the investment is long term and are committed for the next 10 years.

We are always on the lookout for the best talent to join us and to help us build our business. If you are interested in becoming a partner at Nirvana, please contact us.

Nirvana benefits from A or better capacity strength from Lloyd's of London

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