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Our Cyber Liability solution is designed to protect businesses against the financial loss resulting from data breaches, system interruption, ransomware and other types of cyber threats and exposures. Our cyber offering is currently tailored as an additional/optional coverage aimed at our client base in the Media and Technology sectors, as well as on a standalone basis for clients in Israel.


Risks covered include

  • Network Security & Privacy Liability

  • Regulatory Action Defence, Fines & Penalties

  • Crisis Management & Public Relations

  • Computer System Extortion

  • Business Interruption

  • Data Restoration

  • Supplementary services for policyholders

Post Breach Crisis Management Assistance including

  • 24/7 triage contact numbers in the event of a cyber event

  • Counselling

  • Notification undertakings

  • PR and advertising

  • Forensic Auditing

  • Support, Credit and Identity Theft Services

  • Call Handling

  • Remediation Services

Risk Management, Education and Training including

  • Educational resources including best practices and breach avoidance guidelines

  • Breach Protection Tools

  • Website detailing the latest compliance and privacy resources

Preparedness Services including

  • Incident response and information security plan templates

  • Educational resources on risk awareness and reduction

  • Notification laws and regulations

  • Access to security specialists who answer your questions

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