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About Us

We are a service-driven, underwriting-first, specialist MGA with offices in London and Barcelona, and are looking to build the next generation of MGA.


We are a customer and service focussed specialist business going the extra mile to deliver creative and innovative solutions to mitigate our customers’ key business risks.



We are an underwriting MGA seeking to deliver sustainable and differentiated underwriting business to our capital providers.


Our greatest assets are our people, and we only hire the best. We believe a diverse team will help us succeed.

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About Us

We believe the following strategic choices will help us to achieve


Our team members are shareholders in the business.


Sustainable Incentivization

We design our incentives to drive the right behaviours.


Long Term Thinking

We make decisions with a long-term horizon. Our investors are patient and committed for a 10 year period.


Technology-Driven Operational Efficiency

We have partnered with a leading Insurtech to build a cutting-edge tech platform.


Strategic Partnerships

We have three of the largest independent European insurance brokers as Strategic Partners. 



Nirvana Risk Partners founded by media insurance market leader Rob Jones, spinning out from Axis where he led one of the most profitable teams, setting up the business in partnership with the Castel incubator.


Glenn Crickmar joins Rob, continuing their long history of working together at Axis since 2009.


Nirvana explores buyout options and begins discussions with Kabir Chanrai, with the objective to build the business into a diversified multiline MGA.


Partnership with Pro Global and Insureflow established.


W&I expert Thomas Mannsdorfer joins the business, previously head of Specialty Europe at Sompo, to build out a W&I franchise. Capacity is obtained and underwriting commences in September 2023. 


Partnerships with Verlingue, Meijers and Suedvers established, three of the leading independent insurance brokers in Europe, as investors and growth partners.


Nirvana obtains Lloyd's coverholder approval and commences trading under own licenses.


Nirvana opens Barcelona office.

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